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77th Geneva Flute Competition: October 23 – November 4, 2023

Presenting the candidates for the 77th Concours de Genève Press release: 10 May 2023 40 Flautists and 15 String Quartets have been selected for this year’s Competition 

● 100 musicians have been selected to compete in the 77th Concours de Genève, from the 229 that applied this year, comprising 40 flautists and 15 string quartets. 

● Almost 60% of all flute and string quartet competition candidates are female. 

● 60% of the flautists selected are from Europe, with 36% from Asia and 7% each from the USA and Russia. 

● Similarly, the majority of String Quartets come from Europe this year, with the remaining ensembles from South Korea and Japan. 

● The Preselection Juries, whose five members include at least two members of the official Juries of the 2023 Flute and String Quartet Competitions, met in Geneva from 2-4 May (Flute) and 8-9 May (String Quartets). 

● The full list of candidates selected for the 77th Concours de Genève can be found below. 

● Speaking about the preliminary round, Silvia Careddu, Chair of the Preselection Jury for Flute, says, “We were delighted to hear so many talented young flautists of such an excellent level and give our compliments to everyone! It was both a very intense and enjoyable experience, though the jury were serene and unanimous in their selection. Now, the adventure will continue in September, with great enthusiasm on our part. Wishing good luck to all of the candidates for the next rounds, and above all and always, [looking forward to] the Music!” 

● Chair of the Preselection Jury for String Quartet, Corina Belcea, says: “We have been blessed with an incredible repertoire for the string quartet and will have the privilege of hearing very talented young artists performing a variety of music in this competition, which has become synonymous with excellence and which has a long tradition of prize winners who have enchanted audiences for many years following their participation in this event. I am looking forward to discovering very exciting groups with a very personal and unique voice who will perhaps have a completely new way of approaching and expressing the music they perform. I feel very honoured to be part of this very special competition.” 

● The next stage of the competition, which is the first part that is open to the public, will be held online and consists of a 45-minute online pre-recorded recital, which will be broadcast from 11-17 September 2023 (Flute) and 18-20 September (String Quartet). 

● The Semi-Final and Final Rounds of the Competition will be held from 23 October to 4 November in Geneva and will be live-streamed on Concours de Genève's website & social media channels, as well as on, and The Violin Channel (full dates below). 

● Applicants were invited to submit several video recordings for the preselection round. Flautists provided a fantasia by G. P. Telemann, one contemporary work for solo flute, plus one piece with piano. Meanwhile String Quartets were asked to provide two contrasting movements from a quartet by J. Haydn, plus two contrasting movements from a quartet by J. Brahms, F. Mendelssohn, F. Schubert or R. Schumann. 

● The Competition also offers an ambitious career development program. Comprising different modules, it seeks to help the laureates explore and define their artistic identity, whilst providing the necessary tools to launch an international career. 

● Past Flute and String Quartet Laureates include Emmanuel Pahud (1992), Silvia Careddu (2001), Adriana Ferreira (2014), Yubeen Kim (2014), Quatuor Voce (2006), Quatuor Hermès (2011), Armida Quartett (2001), Vision String Quartet (2016), Quatuor Hanson (2016), amongst many others. 

● Founded in 1939, Concours de Genève is one of the world’s leading international music competitions. It aims at discovering, promoting, and supporting young talented artists, giving them the necessary tools to launch an international career. Several main disciplines rotate annually, including piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, cello, viola, string quartet, voice, percussion, and composition, which is held every second year.

The world of classical music is constantly enriched by the talent and dedication of exceptional musicians. Among the numerous prestigious competitions held globally, the Geneva Flute Competition has emerged as a revered platform that showcases the finest flute virtuosos from around the world. The 77th edition of this illustrious event was recently concluded, leaving audiences captivated by the sheer brilliance of the participating musicians. Let us delve into the highlights and significance of this remarkable musical extravaganza.

A Platform for Excellence
The Geneva Flute Competition, founded in 1967, has evolved into a significant event within the classical music community. It serves as a launching pad for aspiring flutists, offering them a platform to display their talent, gain recognition, and foster connections within the industry. Over the years, the competition has consistently attracted exceptional musicians, drawing attention from flutists, music enthusiasts, and industry professionals worldwide.

Exquisite Performances
The 77th edition of the Geneva Flute Competition showcases a stunning display of artistry and technical prowess. The competition consists of several rounds, each designed to challenge the participants' versatility and musicianship. Competitors demonstrate their skills through a wide repertoire that included classical compositions, contemporary works, and flute concertos.

The judges, renowned flutists and experts in the field, meticulously assess each performance, evaluating aspects such as tone quality, interpretation, technique, and stage presence. This rigorous evaluation process ensure that only the most exceptional musicians advanced to the final stages.

Nurturing Talent and Encouraging Innovation
The Geneva Flute Competition is not merely a contest; it is a platform that fosters growth and development for participants. Competitors have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from esteemed judges, enabling them to refine their skills and broaden their artistic horizons. Moreover, the competition serves as an incubator for new ideas and musical innovations, encouraging flutists to explore new techniques, styles, and interpretations.

Beyond the Competition
The Geneva Flute Competition extends its impact beyond the confines of the competition itself. It organizes various educational and outreach programs, including masterclasses, workshops, and lectures, featuring distinguished flutists and pedagogues. These initiatives enrich the musical community by sharing knowledge, inspiring young flutists, and promoting the continued growth of flute music.

Building Bridges in the Flute Community
One of the most significant aspects of the Geneva Flute Competition is its ability to unite flutists from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The event serves as a meeting ground for flutists of different generations, providing a platform for exchange and collaboration. This sense of camaraderie and shared passion contributes to the overall enrichment of the flute community and helps forge lasting bonds between musicians.

The 77th Geneva Flute Competition stands as a testament to the enduring power of music and the remarkable talent of flutists worldwide. It celebrates the dedication, passion, and hard work of these musicians, while also nurturing their growth and inspiring future generations. As the competition continues to flourish, it reinforces Geneva's status as a hub for musical excellence and contributes to the vibrant tapestry of the classical music world. We eagerly await the next edition of this prestigious event, where new stars will rise and the flute will continue to enchant audiences around the globe.


Silvia Careddu, Chair
Denis Bouriakov
Magali Mosnier
Loïc Schneider
Seiya Ueno
Henrik Wiese
Hyeri Yoon


  • 1st Prize: CHF 20,000.-
  • 2nd Prize: CHF 12,000.-
  • 3rd Prize: CHF 8,000.-


  • Audience Prize: CHF 1,500.-
  • Young Audience Prize: CHF 1,000.-
  • Students Prize: CHF 1,000.-

Be sure to watch it LIVE! 

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