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Nicole Esposito: Blue Solitude Review

Nicole Esposito, flute professor at The University of Iowa, has recently released an album featuring works by Latin American composers. This collection includes both art music as well as folk songs arranged for this ensemble. Esposito’s beautiful, lush sound blends quite well with the stringed instruments with which she is playing, especially in the flute’s lower register.

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The future of American orchestras: Three Approaches

Orchestras have come under a great deal of pressure in the last few years to be more inclusive, to reach out to their communities and create innovative programs and embrace various art forms and musical styles. As a result many interesting concerts are happening – some more successful than others. Orchestras are creating programs that relate to their particular demographic and that work to build audiences.

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BETA BLOCKERS: stage fright cure or unfair advantage?

A hot topic in the sports world is the use of performance enhancing drugs. From Lance Armstrong most recently, to any number of Olympic athletes and professional baseball players, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. Why? Quite simply, steroids give athletes an unfair advantage. Athletes have been fired and their titles stripped because of the use of steroids. Classical musicians are under the same, if not more, pressure than athletes to succeed and play flawlessly.

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